Author, composer and singer, living in the Rhones-Alpes region in France.

~ 1998:  First compositions.

1999-2002: First records. Composition and recording of more than twenty songs, in French then in English, whom the most are pop ballads, accompanied on keyboard.

2004 : First “real demo”, including 15 ballads in English. Ten edited copies of this demo-album were distributed privately to friends.

2005 : DIFFERENT  VISION album (Pop/rock ballads).

The first demo’s songs are arranged to give them a “rock touch” thanks to CAM techniques; This album is an auto-production; It is broadcasted on internet and on the famous internet radio “goth metal”. It rated it  9/10 and praised it :”his way of singing creates the idea of him being totally with it, putting his emotions and spirit in it, something I missed at other records I reviewed earlier.” “this truly shows Julien´s different vision on Metal and showing, unlike so many other things that try to be different, that you can go new ways and make a very good piece of work.”

2005-2009 : During the work on DIFFERENT VISION, composition of three metal songs, broadcasted on internet at the end of the 2005 year (CONVERSATION WITH DEATH demo).

2007-2008: Singing lessons with a music school teacher.

2009 : A WORLD I CREATED album (Symphonic Metal).

The album has been mixed and mastered at Michel Martinier’s studio.

2010 :  Singer and songwriter of  the band UMANIUM 21. The group recorded a demo in March 2010 and performed at the music fest in Aix-les-bains on June, 21th 2010 and at the very big event “ Melting Potes festival” in Aix-les-bains in September .
– From half-2010 till half-2011 : Singing lessons with a private music school teacher.
– Broadcasting of the song “Hurt Forever”.

2011 : AFTER SHOCK (Melodic Rock/Metal ).

2012 : Two new songs (Melodic/Progressive Rock).

2016: THE INSIGHT (Melodic/Progressive Rock).

The album has been mastered at Online Studio.
The cover art has been created by Elisabeth Roche Alazet, a French painter.